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The interior is a veritable museum of English history. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the traditional cleric in the coronation ceremony. The stonework of the vaulting has been cleaned and the bosses gilded in recent years. Музеи, театры, галлереи. Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous, historic and widely visited churches not only in Britain but in the whole Christian world.

Peter found the first church on the place, where the Abbey is now situated. The present building appeared during the reign of Henry III. There is one more reason why people are highly interested in Westminster Abbey. According to the ancient tradition all English kings and queens were crowned and wed here.

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People who visit it for the first time are startled by its beauty and glory. Westminster Abbey is one of the most famous, historic and widely visited churches not only in Britain but in the whole Christian world. These include the facts that since every sovereign apart from Edward Y and Edward YIII has been crowned here and that for many centuries it was also the burial place of kings, queens and princes.

The royal connections began even earlier than the present Abbey, for it was Edward the Confessor, sometimes called the last of the English kings and canonised inwho established an earlier church on this site. His great Norman Abbey was built close to his palace on Thorney Island. It was completed in and stood surrounded by the many ancillary buildings needed by the community of Benedictine доклад о westminster abbey who passed their lives of prayer here.

Welcome to Westminster Abbey

Only years later, the Norman east end of the Abbey was demolished and rebuilt on the orders of Henry III, who had a great devotion to Edward the Confessor and wanted to honour him.

The oldest part of the building dates from the eighth century.


Since then the Abbey remains the most French of all English Gothic churches, higher than any other English church feet and much narrower. The towers were built in The Chapel is made of stone and glass. It is so прекрасно built that it even seems unreal.

The Abbey is famous for its stained glass. Заявка на бронирование отелей.

Со времен Вильгельма Завоевателя Вестминстерское аббатство было местом коронации королей и королев Англии. On a nearby pillar hangs the Congressional Medal, the highest award which can be conferred by the United St ates. Для уточнения нюансов. Сценарии Литература.

Большинство Европейцев в это время принадлежали к Римской Католической Церкви. После Реформы церкви в 16 веке была образована Англиканская Церковь.

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Много традиций католицизма живут в Вестминстерском Аббатстве и поныне, но службы ведутся на английском языке, а не на латыни. Neither a cathedral nor a parish church, Westminster Abbey is a place of worship owned by the royal family.

Вестминстерское аббатство / Westminster Abbey

Located next to the Houses of Parliament in the heart of London, Westminster Abbey is a must-see for any London visitor. With its oldest parts dating to the yearthe Abbey contains some of the most glorious medieval architecture in London. The interior is a veritable museum of English history. According to tradition, a shrine was first founded here in on a site then known as Thorney Island.

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It was said to have been miraculously consecrated after a fisherman on the River Thames saw a vision of Saint Peter. While the existence of this shrine is uncertain, the historic Abbey was built by Edward the Confessor between and was consecrated on December 28, The original Abbey, in the Romanesque style that is called "Norman" in England, was built to house Benedictine monks.

BBC Choral Evensong: RSCM Westminster Abbey 1987 (Martin How)

It was rebuilt in the Gothic style between Although the Abbey was seized by Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries inand closed inbecoming a cathedral untilits royal connections saved it from the destruction wrought on most other English abbeys. The expression "robbing Peter to pay Paul" may arise from this period when money meant for the Abbey, which was dedicated to St.

From the Nave roof hang chandeliers, both giving light and in daylight reflecting it from their hundreds of pedant crystals. The Medieval Tower: A refuge and a base for royal power Тауэр в средние века. Петр открыл первую церковь на месте, где сейчас находится аббатство. Все права защищены.

Peter, was diverted to the treasury of St. It suffered damage during the turbulent s, when it was attacked by Puritan iconoclasts, but was again protected by its close ties to the state during the Commonwealth period.

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Oliver Cromwell was given an elaborate funeral there inonly to be disinterred in January and posthumously hanged from a nearby gibbet. InElizabeth re-established Westminster as a "royal peculiar" — a church responsible directly to the sovereign, rather than to a diocesan bishop — and made it the Collegiate Church of St.

Peter, i.